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1) Intel Core 2 Quad 45nm Q9550 (E0 Stepping SLB8V) (Rs.30,000)
Barclays - 40,000 SLMega - 45,000 - > 57,000 EGlobe - 42,000

I dont think it needs any reviews...one of the top 45nm C2Quad out there - capable of 4Ghz on air cooling



2) ASUS P5Q - Deluxe (P45 Chipset) (Rs.22,000)
Barclays - 29,000 SLmega - 36,000




3) Palit Radeon HD 4870 Sonic Dual Edition 512MB (Rs. 23,000)/( Rs.21,000 if bought with RAM)
Barclays - 36,000 SLMega - 33,000 -> 46,000


4) 2x2GB Corsair Dominator DDR2-1066 PC2-8500 C5 with AIRFLOW (LIFETIME WARRANTY) (Rs 13,500) --- (Rs. 12,000 without Domi Airflow)
    (Factory Overclocked RAM with Timings of 5-5-5-15!!!)
Barclays - Not Available SL Mega - 16,300


5) FSP 700W Power Supply (FSP700-80GLN)(Epsilon FX700-80GLN) (80%+ Efficiency Certified) (Rs. 11,000)

As stated in the below article the model is infact the OEM version of the "FSP Epsilon 80PLUS 700"




I have included Prices of leading Computer Retailers in Sri Lanka for comparison

IF 2 OR MORE PRODUCTS BOUGHT I CAN REDUCE PRICES...pls dont ask for ridiculous reductions like 12,000 bucks...i mean the price im selling for is already low...

All Still have warranty, purchased in december 2008.

Mobo has 3 years warranty (can be RMAed at ASUS center here in lk)

CPU has 3 years warranty ( if anything happens can give to me to RMA or contact a INTEL Retailer)

4870 has 2 years warranty ( i will take care of RMA for that also)

RAM has LIFETIME WARRANTY!!! (refer corsair warranty page)

PSU has 1 year warranty

*RMA not including OCing*
(but the 4870 does have dual bios - one that already has it factory overclocked)


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how much are you selling the Q9550 for ?

30000...matchan its in the post... check the QUOTED section.... 8)
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hmmm...quoted text is smaller...ill remove the quotes
crazy price for the Q9550
too bad it will be sold before i can collect enough money. Anyway BUMP for a good sale :)
oh no matchan...i have 2 keep the stuff for the next MONTH or so @ least...i have exams coming up n need the system...afterwards im going to US for 3 weeks to buy a new system...

so you can save up till then... ;D

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Keep me that 4870. It's mine!!! Hell, I'll see if I can buy the Q9550 off you while I'm at it! Reduce your price for the P5Q and I'll buy all 3 at the same time. 24K for that is still too high. Gimme a sub-20 price.
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hey whats the stepping of Q9550 ..... C1 or E0 ????
revised prices & gave option of Corsair Domi RAM for much less...
revised prices & gave option of Corsair Domi RAM for much less...
Now this made me change my decision to buy ur q9550 .... i was hoping to negotiate and get it for around 26k .... oops ..
anyway just send me an e-mail if u change ur mind .. i really wanted to buy it .... e-mail :- [email protected]
matchan 26K is like a Q6600...you cant really compare them both right.... :p ..i mean Eglobe is selling them for a whopping... 42000!!!
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guys...i knw im selling some stuff for kinda cheap (even though its used only 5 months & has sufficient warranty)...im doing that coz i knw how bloody expensive stuff are here in SL...
im just selling the stuff so i can cover the costs for a new i7 rig...so no profit n wat not...thats why ive made comparisons between other retailers in SL.
again...if u guys are buying more than 2 pieces i CAN reduce prices...